# 5 of 30 Women of Excellence to celebrate 30 Years of Women in Rotary

Compiled from resources from Patty Vann, Tommy Johnson, Peter Keen and John Borst
In 2017 Rotary International and Habitat for Humanity formed a partnership to ensure that in the future more people will have access to affordable housing around the globe. Rotary General Secretary John Hewko stated that “Habitat’s aim to bring people together to build homes, communities and hope aligns perfectly with Rotary’s commitment to make positive, lasting change in communities around the world. With Habitat’s expertise and the power of Rotary’s volunteer network, we will help build the foundation for stronger communities.”
As you read about Sally’s work listen to RC of Dryden, Past President (2010-11) Peter Keen, with his band, Ragged Road, sing “Keep the Rain Away” in honour of Sally and her work with Habitat for Humanity.  
Sally Sipos, an active member of the Rotary Club of Dryden, has been volunteering with Habitat for Humanity for the past eight years. In that period, she has sacrificed vacation time from her full-time job to participate in fourteen habitat builds around the world. Like all volunteers with Habitat for Humanity, Sally has not only generously given her time and energy, she also covered the cost of her travel and living expenses while on assignment.
In 2015, Sally became a Team Leader for Habitat builds. Being a Team Leader requires a significant time commitment preparing for projects, in addition to the time spent away from home. A Team Leader is responsible for deciding where her next build will be, researching both the country and the local area extensively as well as considering accommodation and local travel options in the host country to ensure the safety of her Team. Once a site is chosen, as Team Leader, Sally works with the Habitat Host on the ground in each of the chosen countries finalizing the logistics for the build, and arranging local transportation, accommodation and meals for her team.
In the planning stages, Sally is also responsible for setting the budget for each of her projects. Once the budget is set she then advertises for team members through Habitat for Humanity, interviews all applicants and chooses the right mix of volunteers for her volunteers, who she often meets for the first time once in the host country. Once the build is completed she is responsible for reconciliation of the budget and provides a project evaluation before beginning work on the next Habitat build.
As a Team Leader Sally has organized nine Habitat builds. Her next Build is in Macedonia in April and she is already considering Malawi in 2019.
Watch and listen to Sally describe her work to the Dryden Club in this video by Tommy Johnston of Shaw Cable TV.
In all Sally has worked on builds in El Salvador, Trinidad, Portugal, Indonesia, Costa Rica (twice), Guatemala (twice), Nicaragua (twice), Honduras (three times) and also in Winnipeg, in 2017, with former US President Jimmy Carter.
Sally certainly exemplifies Rotary’s motto of Service Above Self through her International efforts. Our Rotary Club of Dryden is very proud of her accomplishments in her leadership and success with Habitat for Humanity and we are honoured to nominate Sally Sipos for the Long Term Individual Award for International Service.
To see pictures of Sally receiving the award and a cheque also view this short story:


Club member Sally Sipos who has been on 14 builds with Habitat for Humanity, shared her May 2018,  experience in Macedonia with the Club.

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